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Statement of Qualifications


Section I: Company Overview

Containment Drainage Erosion (CDE) provides rock surfacing, drainage and containment solutions to the petroleum and electrical industries. For example, berm construction and repair, erosion abatement, tank corrosion abatement, standing water elimination, fence gap closure as well as surfacing for roads and parking lots. The cornerstone of the company is our CDE application without Particle Size Separation™. This proprietary application of rock maximizes the interlocking capabilities of the stone. The durable rock application establishes a well-drained surface that holds up to vehicle traffic, provides a comfortable surface for crews on foot, and allows all-weather access throughout the facility. When CDE application is used in conjunction with our geotextile subsurface, it has a 35 + year lifetime which is 5 to 10 times longer than traditionally installed rock surfaces.

CDE is a third generation company that dates back to 1919 with a focus on quality and safety. CDE has gone over 25 years without a lost time accident. We address the following codes and regulations: SPCC for containment and spill flow, NFPA 30 fire codes for berms and walkways, 653 inspections for standing water tank corrosion.

There is no one size fits all solution; instead we work with the sight personnel to come up with an effective and lasting solution that will save the facility money in the long term. We focus on finding the cause (not the symptom) and correcting the problem. Which ensures that your company will get a complete solution.


Section II: Scope of Services

EROSION REPAIR & ABATEMENT: If your erosion repairs are constantly eroding away, CDE offers a long-term solution:  rock “pillows.”  With a performance life of 35 + years, these “pillows” fill in areas of severe erosion while abating future erosion by dissipating the erosive flow of water.  Where fence line erosion is compromising site security, this same combination of materials is used to close gaps for long-term intrusion prevention.


HAZARDOUS CONTAINMENT: Secondary containment is required for all hazardous chemicals. CDE constructs impermeable diking in compliance with SPCC regulations and fire codes (NFPA 30).


DRAINAGE & SURFACING SOLUTIONS:  If standing water or soft areas are limiting access and bogging down equipment, more rock is not the solution. With a combination of low-cost HDPE drain tile, catch basins, grading, geotextiles (including Geoweb), and CDE application (our premium rock surfacing), CDE can ensure all-weather crew and equipment access to your substations, pole yards and equipment yards.


Section III: Commonly Used Materials

Geotextiles: polypropylene nonwoven needle-punched fabrics. They are designed to resist degradation due to ultraviolet exposure and are resistant to commonly encountered soil chemicals, mildew, insects and are non-biodegradable.

HDPE liner: a high quality, high density polyethylene geomembrane produced from specifically formulated virgin polyethylene resin. It has an outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical properties, environmental stress crack resistance, dimensional stability, thermal aging characteristics and resistance to UV radiation.

Liners: also available are bentonite, XR5, and spray-on liners.

Rock Types:

Dense Grade Aggregate: This is used as the base of our surfacing and provides support for vehicle traffic.

3/8” Limestone chips: This rock serves as top surface and provides a comfortable walking surface for foot traffic.

Other rock sizes are used depending upon site and customer preference.



Section IV: Companies that we have worked with



AGE Refining

Ameren IP


Bassell Polyfins





Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power



East Kentucky Cooperative




Explorer Pipeline

Exxon Mobil

Flint Hills Resources


Georgia Gulf

Greystone Electric


Huntsman Petrochemical


ISP Elastomers


Kinder Morgan

Koch/Flint Hills Resources





Mid American Energy


Nashville Electric Service


Paduccha Power and Light-KY

Pepco (PHI)

Sasol Noth America Inc.


Shell Motiva


Tennessee Valley Authority


Texas Brine Company

TXU(Texas Utilities)



Willimas Olfins

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