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The surface pictured top left was installed in 2005. It was designed for heavy vehicle traffic and consists of an 8 oz. non-woven geotextile subsurface, a 6” base of dense grade aggregate (D.G.A.), and a top surface of 2” of 3/8” limestone chips.  The geotextile barrier prevents the rock from sinking into the soil. All rock was applied without particle size separation.


D.G.A. provides support for heavy equipment; and the 3/8” limestone chips establish a consistent, comfortable walking surface.


For the 12 years it has been in service, this surface has withstood regular, loaded tanker traffic, yet it remains virtually unchanged. The heavy trucks have left only a slight imprint on the surface - no ruts, no trip hazards.


A 4” rainfall prior to this photo (2 years later) accounts for the minimal water on the surface. With no drain tile beneath this area, the rock alone is managing the drainage.


A rock surface, constructed as above, is ideal for establishing a durable, well-drained, hazard-free surface. The surface pictured can be expected to last for at least another 15 years with minor change in appearance or function.

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