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Safety training begins the

moment you join our family


Logan and Grandpa

Family owned for 3 generations

25 years without a lost-time accident

95 years without a serious injury

When you value family, their safety always comes first, and at Containment Drainage Erosion, our crews are our family.  Beyond the reminders at our daily tailgate safety meetings, frequent safety training, and on-the-job mentoring, crew members learn to value the safety of their co-workers as they would that of their own families.  While we can’t always train them as young as Logan, from day one we make sure they learn, on our crew, that they are their brother’s keeper.  When you start with family first, everything else will follow.  That’s how we’ve built our reputation for safety.

Drainage Safely
Installed in High-Risk


Premium Rock
Surfacing Installed in
Any Area of Your Facility

Highly Skilled
Crew Members

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