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Tired of the constant maintenance or reworking your sites due to erosion or drainage problems.  Containment Drainage Erosion can provide creative solutions that will save yearly operating expenses.  Backed by our 5 year guarantee, our process can solve difficult site issues once and for all.



Over time the pipe alley had silted in due to improper drainage creating standing water around the pipes causing them to corrode.


We excavated, by hand, around the pipes and corrected the water flow.  Then we surfaced with geo-textile and rock by our special application process without particle size separation. Our solution to this problem has already lasted 25 years.


The newly constructed berm at this location.


Re-surfaced with geotextile and rock by our special application without particle size separation.

Our Top Priorities:

  • Apply stone with our special application process without particle size separation

  • Our work comes with a 5 year guarantee

  • Our applications last in excess of 30 years

  • Safety is key when working with us

  • We save customers time and money by not requiring unscheduled or constant maintenance

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